Website Design and Development

JW & Co. offers a variety of website design and development services with the power to yield high returns on investment:

Are you establishing your presence online for the first time or do you need updates to an existing website? Whether you have an image in mind and a list of necessary specifications or don’t know where to start, we are here to help you. We walk clients through each step of our tried and true design process to develop a website which looks and functions the way they want.

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Custom Website Development

Ready to reach a new level of success online? We develop custom websites that address clients’ unique, mission-critical, and often complex business requirements. The result is a website built around a clear strategy to serve existing customers better while identifying new prospects.

Eighty-eight percent of consumers who search for a local business’ website will call or visit within twenty-four hours. Without a website, an organization is invisible to potential customers browsing for information or goods and services online. A website is the single most important way to increase a brand’s reach in today’s highly connected world.
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Automate Business Functions

Consider some of the ways that a website can be a highly effective tool for engaging customers and maximizing efficiency:

  • Collect Contact Information
  • Email (Blast) Marketing Integration
  • Offer File Downloads
  • Provide Answers to FAQ
  • Showcase Work
  • Post Job Openings
  • Sales and Lead Funnel Forms
  • Accept Payments
  • Google Apps for Work Integration
  • Solicit Customer Feedback

Responsive Website Design

The goal of responsive website design is to ensure that visitors have an optimal online viewing experience, regardless which device they are using to access the content. This maximization of usability is achieved by adjusting the layout of the content.

If a website is responsive, the content located there will adapt to the screen size from which it is being viewed, whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

For the 65% of Americans who own a smartphone and browse on-the-go, responsive website design is now a requirement. JW & Co.’s responsive WordPress websites ensure that you are ready for a future where increasing numbers of shoppers rely on their smartphones to help them make educated decisions.
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Responsive Website Design

Mobile First Website Design

Mobile-first design is an approach to web design in which a heavier focus is placed on developing a web interface for users of handheld devices than for users of large stationary devices such as laptops or desktops. Historically, website designers would map out a structure to direct the flow of desktop users, with mobile compatibility being an afterthought. With the advent of smartphones and tablets came a significant shift in the way that individuals research and collect information. Today, smartphone sales have surpassed personal computer sales, and mobile devices have become the primary means by which users are accessing and engaging with the content on websites.

Mobile-first design isn’t just about making sure a website is responsive on mobile devices – it’s about placing handheld devices at the forefront of a digital marketing strategy. The extent to which consumers are accessing content on their mobile devices varies from industry to industry, but most websites should be tailored to the needs of users who are on the go. Taking visitors’ behavior into consideration encourages designers and developers to focus on important content and to make it easily accessible for mobile browsers. The result is a better overall experience for mobile browsers, which search engines reward with a higher website ranking.
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E-Commerce Websites

An e-commerce website functions as the digital storefront of a business, allowing for the sale of its products or services 24/7 via the internet. It is an easy way to reach prospective customers in order to capitalize on new (even international) markets, as almost 65% of Americans will shop online this year. Prospective customers expect businesses to have a website; for many, it is the first impression that determines whether or not they will visit in person.

We utilize WooCommerce, which integrates seamlessly with WordPress, to enable clients to sell any kind of physical or digital product or service online. Each and every e-commerce solution we develop is tailored to the buying behavior of those clients’ target markets.

With low operational costs, an e-commerce platform is one of the most affordable ways to start or grow a business. Thirty percent of small businesses with a web presence generate more than twenty-five percent of their revenue from their sites. How much are you making from your website?
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Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Capabilities

Account Creation
Consumer Ratings / Reviews
Sharing Functions
Discounts and Coupons
Inventory Management
Shipping Calculator
Cross-Selling and Up-Selling
Credit Card Processing
Shopping Cart and Checkout
and much more…

Template Websites

Faster time to market means a faster return on investment. This was the logic behind the development of our subsidiary, X Theme Templates. The selection of detailed template websites found there enables us take brands online at rapid speed to begin delivering immediate results. By carefully selecting the font, colors, images, logo, content structure, and other creative details of a template, JW & Co. can achieve a custom look that is consistent with existing branding.

Can’t find the template that fits your needs? Want to mix and match between templates? Is there a page missing? Contact us and we can discuss a custom web solution that perfectly fits your customers’ needs. Get A Proposal

Self-Editable WordPress Websites

All JW & Co. websites are self-editable, making it easier than ever before for owners or administrators they designate to easily update text, images, links, and other content on their website pages regardless of their technical ability. It’s important to keep accurate information online (hours, services, selection, etc.), while fresh, relevant content helps search engines connect a larger audience of searchers.

These edits are intuitive with the drag-and-drop functionality made possible by our content management system of choice: WordPress. Almost 20% of websites worldwide are designed on WordPress’ platform, because the software is such a powerful tool for enabling users to make changes to their content. Website managers can make changes online from any computer, by logging into the private back-end of their website. We recommend that clients planning to autonomously make a small number of changes on a routine basis request a free step-by-step list of instructions from us.

Too difficult or don’t have the time to make updates internally? We equip clients with the ability to update content themselves, but many prefer to rely on our capable team to make edits for them. Our Full-Service Website Management might be the best solution for your needs.
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Website Redesigns

A website redesign is essential for the modern business seeking a more accurate and effective presence online. Whether a website needs increased functionality, a better user experience, or a more sophisticated look, JW & Co. can achieve exceptional results.

We utilize the latest website development practices when overhauling websites to make sure they are among the very best in the industry, both in design and in optimization for search-engine friendliness. Our website redesigns help these businesses generate and convert more leads in order to grow revenues.

Already running Google Analytics on a website? Let us use that information to redesign it around an intelligent strategy. Not collecting any data from visitors? We can change that.
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Transfers to WordPress

Our talented developers can transfer almost any website into WordPress. The new website will be accessed with the same URL, and can look and function the exact same way, or we can suggest and implement improvements.
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WordPress Website Repair

Unfortunately, sometimes WordPress websites stop working properly. An error message may be displaying, links may be broken or in need of redirection, styling may have been lost, or a website may have been hacked.

Our talented developers can troubleshoot to identify the problem(s), in order to restore the intended functionality and design of a site. If a website’s data has not been backed up, full recovery may be difficult. However, after fixing a WordPress website, we can add security measures to prevent any future issues from occurring.
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