Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategic process by which a website ranks highly in search results, while attracting the right kind of visitors. At JW & Co., we know how vital visibility is to the successful growth of a brand. What’s worse than having a website but remaining invisible to prospective customers?

Our cutting-edge search engine optimization services enhance a company’s ability to be found online and to capture the attention of target audiences.  The concept of aperture refers to the ideal timing and method by which a customer is reached. It’s about finding the most relevant way to deliver a message to a potential customer who is in a receptive state of mind.  If a website is positioned properly, visitors are already expressing interest.  Our website designs capitalize on this attention and convert it into action, but first customers have to land on the website.

With manifold options for marketing online, rely on our expertise to utilize only the most effective methods, proven over time to deliver measurable results:

Keyword Research

We begin by performing an in-depth study of your industry to identify the terms and phrases customers use to search for you. If the keyword research reveals that your competition is ranking more highly for the search phrases integral to your business, a strategy will be developed to achieve higher rankings.

Content Marketing

When relevant and valuable, content can attract and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. By focusing on the keywords previously identified and developing content around them, customers will be able to find you when they search for your goods or services. The objective then becomes to cultivate a relationship or drive a profitable action with this qualified traffic. We help our clients think of interesting, targeted content that can be leveraged to attract customers and produce extraordinary results.


Although the specific algorithms used by search engines to rank websites are kept secret, we have a solid understanding of the tactics which work – we apply that knowledge to make sure website content is easily digestible by search engines. This process starts in the source code with page title metadata, description metadata, and keyword metadata, and extends to proper heading tags, placement of keyword phrases, alternative text descriptions for media, internal linking, calls to action, and so much more.


How quickly a website loads is crucial to visitor retention, but is also an important factor in how well a website ranks. We utilize third party services such as GTmetrix to analyze a website’s speed before optimizing its performance.

Link Building

Links are online currency. You can grow richer by obtaining quality links to your website, and by referring your visitors to related websites.


We will notify major search engines that your website has been created, but we also can obtain listings for you in popular online directories.


One of the best ways to grow a website’s visibility online is to regularly add fresh content. Blogs are an excellent way to steadily grow the volume of information available on a website. No one is better suited to author this content than the most knowledgeable major stakeholders within the organization. Don’t have the time? Hire our award-winning copywriters to edit existing content or craft new content while implementing a keyword strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We can immediately generate targeted traffic to a website with pay-per-click advertising campaigns set up in Google Adwords. After a budget is set, we will track visitors, conversions, and revenue to evaluate performance and make necessary adjustments.

Measurable Return on Investment

Online success is measured differently for every business. A metric of achievement which applies to one website may or may not hold true for another. The effectiveness of an endeavor cannot be measured unless it is clearly defined. This should be done from the outset, in order to judge what is working and what is not, and to make continual improvements toward meeting goals. Let us track your performance and various benchmarks, like the number of new visitors during a specified time frame.

The most important tool in collecting website data will be Google Analytics. The software can provide general statistics or comprehensive reports, both of which are extremely useful in assessing a website’s performance. We begin by setting up conversion goals – subscribing to an email list, filling out a form, downloading a document, etc. We then monitor and make improvements to the behavioral paths visitors follow. We can visualize what content attracts and interests visitors the most on any given page in order to help us fine tune the path to conversion. We will know we are successful when the goals we have set for the website are reached.

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