Graphic Design and Branding

Advertising is an increasingly maligned, and frequently misunderstood activity.

This is an age of excessive advertising, where attempts to garner attention are often intrusive or misleading. A brand is a promise of a given level of quality and consistency. False advertising claims create unrealistic expectations that can quickly damage a brand’s reputation. It is not unusual for customers to feel that their trust has been abused, making them jaded to future attempts at communication.

The purpose of advertising is to communicate a differentiating message which leaves potential customers with a single, compelling reason to make a purchase. Advertising is first and foremost about selling, not entertainment or artistry. A simple message is key in communicating value; a complex message or distracting artwork will only confuse customers.

The kind of successful branding and advertising which drives growth is not an overnight process, but businesses want immediate results. Even powerful brands advertise regularly because they realize that being out sight translates into being out of mind. Repetition plays a vital role in training customers to remember a brand; a good brand is remembered, and leads to strong sales.

With a wide range of graphic design capabilities, and an extensive network of creative professionals, JW & Co. delivers memorable brand identities and effective advertising. We want to learn more about your needs and are happy to discuss how we can strengthen your brand in today’s competitive marketplace.

Brand Identity

A brand is defined by the public’s perception of its tangible and intangible attributes. We offer world-class marketing materials which communicate an identity that resonates with customers:

Gift Certificates
Business Cards
Facebook Cover Photos
Facebook Advertisements

Twitter Header
Google+ Header

Logo Design
Corporate Branding
Brochures and Annual Reports
Package Design
Screenprinting and Embroidery
Decals / Banners
Original Product or Place Photography
Stock Photography Selection
Video Marketing
Radio Advertisements
Email Templates
LinkedIn Banner


We maintain an extensive network of up-and-coming professionals and established agencies to supply the above services and many more to rapidly deliver multimedia campaigns which exceed all expectations.