About JW & Co.

JW & Co. delivers a meticulously crafted online presence to clients of all sizes from all industries. Our goal is to provide these clients a measurable return on investment through website solutions that broaden brand awareness and drive action. Never losing our focus on results, we develop intelligent strategies which help clients exceed their business and communication goals.

The internet continues to shift the way members of society interact with one another and consume information. We leverage our holistic understanding of the web to meet these demands. We are passionate about helping our clients harness the power of the Internet.

Reflect your image online.


Joshua Weatherstone

Joshua Weatherstone

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A website should either:
1. generate and convert new leads by informing a target audience, or
2. improve relationships with or between existing customers.

If neither of these ends is accomplished, efforts and money are being wasted.

Our design philosophy is that beauty is found in simplicity. Design is first and foremost a tool which should facilitate ease of use and absorption of content. This emphasis on function does not have to translate into aesthetic compromises; it mandates more thoughtful use of creativity to achieve intuition. In an era of excessive advertising, design should cut through distractions by prioritizing objectives and providing clear calls to action.

Why JW & Co.?

Our reputation is of the utmost importance to us; we value our clients and work hard to keep them pleased. Always just a phone call or email away, we respond with lightning speed to any questions or concerns.


Because quicker time-to-market results in faster return on investment for clients; we work at optimal efficiency to produce results quickly, without sacrificing quality.


We are perfectionists who believe that every detail matters, and will work with you to make sure our work honors your brand’s identity.


Our websites are designed to function smoothly, but we still monitor them. Need occasional or frequent updates? Request support or select a maintenance plan.